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Ronin 2 Gimbals | DJI Store Sofia

Ronin 2 Gimbals | DJI Store Sofia

Ronin 2 Professional Combo

Ronin 2 Professional Combo

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14 389,00лв. tax incl.

  • Simple design;
  • Easy to adjust;
  • Built-in ultra-bright display;
  • Intuitive software;
  • Hot-swap batteries;
  • Compatibility with wide range DSLR cameras and professional cinema cameras;
  • Compatibility with cable cams, drones, cranes, Steadicams, etc;

More details

3_axis Gimbal Ronin 2


DJI Ronin 2 allows the film makers to take the scenes exactly as they imagine them. The upgraded high torque motors of the system allow compatibility of the DJI Ronin 2 with a wide range of cameras, which also makes the new Ronin resistant to strong wind and G-forces. Thanks to the renewed motors, Ronin 2 will be able to move smoothly during a flight or when mounted on a car.

Supported Builds for Ronin 2

Supported Builds

Whether it's an ordinary DSLR camera or a professional cinema camera fitted with all the accessories, DJI Ronin 2 will professionally stabilize every footage. Supported cameras: RED Dragon, ARRI Alexa Mini, Black Magic Ursa Mini, Canon C300, Sony FS7.

Versatility Ronin 2


The new design of the detachable grip for DJI Ronin 2 allows it to stay upright. You can also remove the bottom of the holder if you do not need it. Ronin 2 is also compatible with cable cams, drones, cranes, Steadicams and many more.

Easy to use Ronin 2


DJI Ronin 2 has a simplified design that makes setup and use easier than ever. All system details are refined for greater convenience and speed during shooting - from camera mounting to balancing and system setup, accessory equipment, and transportation.

Integrated Screen Ronin 2

Integrated Screen

In DJI Ronin 2 is integrated a special ultra-bright touch screen, which serves to accelerate tuning and rationalization of the gimbal. The sensor buttons, including temporary shutdown, are now easy available.

Intuitive Software

Extremely refined, redesigned, and advanced Gimbal Assistant app helps the user to capture frames with minimal effort with new features such as CamAnchor, Timelapse and Panorama, providing more intuitive and easy-to-use full control system for DJI Ronin 2.

Intelligent Ronin 2


Improved intelligence means that film makers can now get photos with DJI Ronin 2, which in the past would need specialized expertise or additional equipment.

Integrated Ronin 2


The power systems are fully integrated into the DJI Ronin 2, which allows power to the motors and the camera and used accessories. The advantage is: you do not need additional cables or additional power systems. Ronin 2 uses a dual-battery system that film makers can replace during the work of the gimbal. Thus, the camera and accessories will be constantly powered, resulting in greater performance.

Hot-Swap Batteries Ronin 2

Hot-Swap Batteries

DJI Ronin 2 is powered by 2 batteries, but you can remove one of them and replace it during creating scenes. You do not even need to turn off the Ronin. This will allow you to replace both batteries, and you won’t need to interrupt the shooting process.

Accessory Powering Ronin 2

Accessory Powering

Mounting cameras, monitors or accessories, including the DJI Focus, can be powered by DJI Ronin 2 batteries via integrated cables and ports, eliminating the dangling wires.

Reliable Ronin 2


Each element of DJI Ronin 2 is designed to increase reliability (from materials to engine design, cable connection and security). All this creates a system that stands out with its qualities even in the most damaging of shooting conditions.

Ultra_Durable Batteries Ronin 2

Ultra-Durable Batteries

High power and sustainable in extreme weather conditions, DJI Ronin 2 self-heating batteries provide stable power for high performance at very low negative temperatures (up to -20˚C) or very high positive temperatures. Dual batteries, which can operate both simultaneously and independently, provide great reliability that will keep you shooting continuously (eliminating the need to interrupt the shooting process to replace the batteries).

Integrated GPS Ronin 2

Integrated GPS

Built-in GPS provides to DJI Ronin 2 an important information on the acceleration and speed of the gimbal, which is critical to maintaining the camera's position and horizon level when driving at high speeds.

Ronin Intelligent Battery Compatibility Table
BatteryRoninRonin-MRonin-MXRonin 2
Ronin M and Ronin MX Battery 1580mAhRonin-M/MX Battery (1580mAh)
Ronin Ronin-MX Intelligent Battery 4350mAhRonin/Ronin-MX Intelligent Battery (4350mAh)
Ronin 2 TB50 Intelligent Battery 4280mAhRonin 2 TB50 Intelligent Battery (4280mAh)
Technical Specifications for DJI Ronin 2
DJI Ronin 2
Built-In FunctionsOperation Modes
  • Underslung Mode
  • Upright Mode
  • Briefcase Mode
  • Handheld, Car Mount, Aerial, Tripod, & Steadicam Mode
Built-in, independent IMU module
DJI Advanced 32-Bit ARM Processor
DJI Specialized Gimbal Drive Motors with Encoders
Dual Battery System
Bluetooth Module
D-Bus Receiver Supported
2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz Receiver
Temperature Sensors
Built-in Touch Panel
Built-in GPS
USB Type-C Connection
Power and Video Signal through Slip Ring
Camera Tray DimensionsMaximum depth from the center of gravity on camera base plate: 245 mm
Maximum height measured from top of the camera base plate: 165 mm
Maximum width: 180 mm
Accessory Power Connections14.4 V x 4 Camera Cage (Combined 8 A), 12.6 V x 2 Pan Motor (Combined 4 A), 12.6 V x1 P-Tap (8 A)
GCU Input PowerIntelligent Battery: 4280 mAh-22.8 V
Connections2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz Remote Control, Bluetooth 4.0, USB Type-C
PC Assistant Software RequirementsWindows 7 or above; Mac OS X 10.11 or above
Mobile Assistant Software RequirementsiOS 9 or above; Android 4.4 or above
Mechanical & Electrical Characteristics
Working CurrentStatic current: 300 mA (@22.8 V)
Dynamic current: 500 mA (@22.8 V)
Locked motor current: Max 15 A (@22.8 V)
Run Time8 hours
2.5 hours (when powering gimbal, camera and accessories at the same time)
Operating Temperature-20° to 50° C
WeightIncluding handle bar: 5.5 kg
Excluding handle bar: 4.2 kg
Gimbal DimensionsExcluding handle bar: 350 mm (W) x 416 mm (D) x 530 mm (H)
Including handle bar: 630 mm (W) x 416 mm (D) x 720 mm (H)
Working Performance
Load Weight (Reference Value)13.6 kg
Angular Vibration Range± 0.02°
Maximum Controlled Rotation SpeedPan axis: 400°/s
Tilt axis: 360°/s
Roll axis: 360°/s
Mechanical Endpoint RangePan axis control: 360° continuous rotation
Tilt axis control: ±135°
Roll axis control: ±220°
Controlled Rotation RangePan axis control: 360° continuous rotation
Tilt axis control: +45° to -135°
Roll axis control: ±45°
AccessoriesRonin 2 Professional Combo
Ronin 2 GimbalRonin 2 Gimbalx 1
GripGripx 1
Remote ControllerRemote Controllerx 1
TB50 Intelligent BatteryTB50 Intelligent Batteryx 2
Dual TB50 Battery MountDual TB50 Battery Mountx 1
Battery ChargerBattery Chargerx 1
Quad Charging HubQuad Charging Hubx 1
Battery Charger Power CableBattery Charger Power Cablex 1
Ronin 2 Power HubRonin 2 Power Hubx 1
Camera Top Cross BarCamera Top Cross Barx 1
Camera Base PlateCamera Base Platex 1
Accessory MountAccessory Mountx 1
15mm Rod15mm Rodx 2
15mm Focus Rod Mountx 1
Ronin 2 Universal MountRonin 2 Universal Mountx 1
Top Mounting BlockTop Mounting Blockx 1
MotionBlockMotionBlockx 1
Water Tight Protective CaseWater Tight Protective Casex 1
ARRI Alexa Mini Power CableARRI Alexa Mini Power Cablex 1
ARRI Alexa Mini Start/Stop CableARRI Alexa Mini Start/Stop Cablex 1
RED Power CableRED Power Cablex 1
RED RCP Control CableRED RCP Control Cablex 1
Ronin 2 Power CableRonin 2 Power Cablex 1
2-pin Power Cable2-pin Power Cablex 1
DC Power CableDC Power Cablex 1
Triple P-TAP breakout boxTriple P-TAP breakout boxx 1
SDI IN CableSDI IN Cablex 1
SDI OUT CableSDI OUT Cablex 1
USB Type-C Data CableUSB Type-C Data Cablex 1
UART to D-BUS CableUART to D-BUS Cablex 1
Hex ToolHex Toolx 1

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