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Warranty conditions for DJI Store Sofia

Conditions for recognition of the warranty:

The products, based on the trade name, code and unique serial number, have a warranty within the time limit specified for each separately. The warranty period is calculated from the purchase date of each individual product. Providing a warranty is free at the supplier's headquarters on a business day. Returning the product in the proper condition will be done by repairing the product within a maximum of 30 calendar days of receipt at the workshop, in accordance with the law. The non-functioning time extends the warranty period accordingly and runs from the moment of registering to the workshop until the product is ready for normal use and when the user is notified for the product shipping back to him.

The consumer's right to return the purchase within 14 calendar days of receipt of the product in accordance with the Consumer Protection Ordinance on the conclusion and performance of distance contracts applies only to products delivered by a courier.

The warranty does not cover any damage or defects sustained on the product as a result of a failure to comply with the conditions of transportation, storage, operation and maintenance, improper handling, collision or impact of the product from accidents, electrical, mechanical and thermal shocks, the existence of impurities or liquids in products, fire, improper ventilation, negligence or incorrect use of the product, excessive exposure to moisture, unusual application or misuse, use of defective charging devices or cables - faulty, glued, short-circuited, interventions on the product regardless of their nature by unauthorized personnel by the supplier or changes of the serial number in the warranty card.

DJI Store Sofia takes no responsibility and do not provide warranty in the following circumstances:

  • Defective or damaged, due to incorrect assembly by the customer, drones, components and accessories.
  • Defective or damaged drones, components and accessories, due to the use of an incorrect battery.
  • Defective or damaged drones, components and accessories, due to a control error.
  • Defective or damaged drones, components and accessories, due to non-compliance with the instructions for use.
  • Defective or damaged drones, components and accessories, due to the use of non-original or incompatible spare parts.
  • Defective or damaged drones, components and accessories as a result of natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning and electric shocks.
  • Defective or damaged drones, components and accessories as a result of repairs and / or interventions by the user and other unauthorized personnel.

For your warranty to be valid, the original warranty card must be presented along with the purchase invoice and / or cash receipt. The product must be accompanied by all accessories with which it arrived.

The warranty is invalid if traces of food, liquids or other matters are found inside the product. The Seller shall not be liable in case of damage, loss of information or data. The Buyer may incur as a result of such losses. The claim is made verbally or in writing. Notwithstanding the commercial warranty, the seller is responsible for the lack of conformity of the consumer goods with the contract of sale under the warranty of Art. 112-115 of the CPA.

No warranty is offered in the event that the warranty documents are not presented, have been damaged, changed or are illegible. Loss of the warranty card may result in loss of warranty. We recommend that the product should be presented with the original packing to ensure the integrity of the product during transportation. Products with no labels or defective warranty seals will be denied for warranty.

The warranty is valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

If you have a dispute regarding an online purchase, please use the ORS website.