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Agras Drones | DJI Store Sofia

Agras Drones | DJI Store Sofia

DJI Agras T16 / T20 Intelligent Charger

Agras T16 / T20 Intelligent Charger

In Stock

2 345,00лв. tax incl.


  • Charges a battery in 20 minutes;
  • 4-Channel Charger for T16;
  • Input: 110/220V;
  • Weight: 9,4 kg;
  • Dimensions: 314х303х220 mm.


More details

на 6 вноски по 415.69 лв.

You can connect four Agras T16 / T20 Batteries to this charger. This is the latest version of Agras chargers. You simply connect the battery cable with a yellow tip to the charger’s cable and turn on the charger. This is the most user-friendly charger available in the market. There is no need to connect a separate balance cable to the charger. You only and only need to connect one cable to the charger.

The charger is called an intelligent charger because when the user connects four batteries to it, based on the batteries’ level it decides to charge some batteries faster than others to provide you a full battery as soon as possible then you do not have to wait until all the batteries are ready. This feature gives you the ability to have a battery ready to fly as fast as possible.

Always make sure to connect the ground cable that comes with the charger to the ground.

DJI recommends that the user uses a 5000 W generator for the best results. Although our team was able to charge 4 batteries at the same time with a 3000 w generator. Although you can use a generator between 3000W to 5000 W, you always need to make sure that the generator’s outlet is at least 30 Amp.

2600W 4-Channel Intelligent Battery Charger

Up to four batteries can be charged simultaneously. When using the single-channel quick charging mode, a full charge only takes 20 minutes, a 50% increase in speed from the previous generation. The charger has a built-in battery health management system that monitors critical data in real-time, such as voltage and temperature, to ensure charging safety.

Technical Specifications for DJI Agras T16 / T20 Intelligent Charger
DJI Agras T16 / T20 Intelligent Charger
Compatible BatteryT16 / T20 Batteries, MG-12000P Batteries
Rated Input Voltage/Frequency110 - 220 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Charging VoltageT16/T20: 58.8 V; MG-12000P: 50.4 V
Rated CurrentT16 / T20: Quick charge 45 A, Slow charge: 17.5 A
MG-12000P: Quick charge 24 A, Slow charge: 12A.
Rated Current220 V: 2600 W; 110 V: 1200 W
Operation Temperature Range-5°C to 50°C
DimensionsApprox. 314х303х220 mm
WeightApprox 9,14 kg

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