It’s Christmas, Dad: Why the RoboMaster S1 Rocks

Fellow dads, it’s that time of year again: your chance to make the holiday season unforgettable with the perfect gift for your kid. But of course, the question becomes: what in Kris Kringle is it?!

If you were to think of the Christmas mornings of your childhood, you’d probably have the following images floating in your head: running to the tree in your footie pajamas, tattered gift wrap and cellophane tape scattered on the floor, and the brimming hope that your dream present – the one you cut out of the toy catalog for your parents to see and carefully asked your local Santa – was under the tree.

In your time, this magical gift may have been the latest video game console, basketball shoes, or maybe even your first guitar. What about now?

Well, my friend, if you’re still in search of the perfect holiday gift, look no further than the DJI RoboMaster S1. Not only is this a gift that’s fun to play with, but also fun to learn from. And better yet, it’s an advanced educational robot for both you and your kid to enjoy. Want to be the coolest dad of the block? The S1 has you covered.

RoboMaster S1

The Gift of Quality Time

Among the many reasons the RoboMaster S1 is the ideal Christmas gift, the most valuable is that by playing with the S1, you and your child have endless opportunities to learn, play, and spend quality time together.

Step 1: Assemble!

RoboMaster S1

Right out of the box, the S1 gives you and your child a worthy challenge – put the robot together! While there is an assembly manual included, you’ll find that this isn’t quite as easy as putting together a birdhouse. But just like a birdhouse, you will both enjoy the process of building and the sense of accomplishment after finishing the hard-earned task of literally assembling a robot. How cool is that?

Everybody Learns

RoboMaster S1

Whether you’re a scientist by trade or a complete beginner (even non-starter) at computer-based programming, the S1 was made to engage, challenge, and guide users of any level. Let’s talk programming language: these are the specifically written lines of code to tell a machine what to do. This is how the S1 is able to do all the cool things it’s capable of. Just like speaking, programming has many language varieties, some easier than others. So it’s great that the S1 speaks in both Python for advanced users and Scratch for total beginners. In fact, Scratch was made specifically for elementary school kids, guaranteeing learning at every level. To learn these languages, the S1 comes with Road to Mastery, a series of app-based lessons that walk you and your kid through programming language and how to use it to your advantage before your very first S1 battle.

AI in Your Hands

If your favourite sci-fi movie taught you one thing, it’s if you’re going to have a robot in your command, it better has artificial intelligence, right? Well, lucky for you, the S1 is intelligent like a boss. The RoboMaster S1 was designed to automatically recognize a slew of sights and sounds to follow or react to.

  • Line Follow: Create a visible line path on the ground, and the S1 will automatically trace over the line;
    RoboMaster S1
  • Vision Marker Recognition: With a memory bank of up to 44 Vision Markers, including numbers, letters, and special characters, the S1 can react to each one based on your coding;
    RoboMaster S1
  • Follow Mode: The S1 identifies and follow a person in its field of view;
    RoboMaster S1
  • Clapping Recognition: The S1 will respond the handclaps however you want;
    RoboMaster S1
  • Gesture Recognition: The S1 recognizes various hand gestures;
    RoboMaster S1
  • S1 Recognition: The RoboMaster S1 recognizes other S1 units and execute your programmed movements.

You and your kid can use these AI modes for flawless S1 battle victories. When you’re not in the thrill of competition, you can think up, test, and fine-tune these intelligent behaviours as the perfect team. Not to mention all the fun you will have kidding around with these features. Talk about a win-win situation.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The S1 was made for endless learning and entertainment for kids of all ages – including you, Pops. Aside from all the features that allow you to share incredible moments with your son or daughter, the S1 is a fully functional robot that has so many capabilities that it’ll be near impossible to find an end to all the fun.

Advanced Awesomeness

RoboMaster S1

The RoboMaster S1 is assembled from 46 components, all fully programmable by your imagination. A Low-latency HD FPV camera on the gimbal lets you get up close to the action in real-time while also letting you record thrilling video. The S1 achieves completely agile omnidirectional movement, thanks to four expertly designed Mecanum wheels. Intelligent Sensing Armor not only detects gel bead and infrared blasts but also gives you the chance to program instant counteroffensive behaviours to keep you going in the heat of battle. With six programmable AI modules, Scratch and Python coding support, and a series of exciting battle modes, the S1 is the textbook definition of innovation and hands-on learning. It’s just about the coolest thing on the playground and classroom at the same time.

With six PWM ports and an SBus port, the S1 can be further customized to accomplish feats you haven’t even begun to imagine yet.
RoboMaster S1
*(Accessories shown in this image are not official accessories and are for illustrative purpose only)
RoboMaster S1
▲ For more responsive control, an intelligent controller gives you more accurate control of your S1 to master your battle skills.
RoboMaster S1
▲ These uniquely designed wheels allow the S1 to glide along the floor with pinpoint precision and agility. Trust me: there’s a lot of science beneath the cool look.
RoboMaster S1
▲ The gimbal lets you see exactly what your S1 sees, turning any which way you need.
RoboMaster S1
▲ Whether water-based gel beads or infrared beams, the Blaster has out-of-this-world accuracy.
RoboMaster S1
▲ Sensitive to all types of attack, the armour lets you program defensive manoeuvres to turn the tide on the competition floor.

In Case I Didn’t Already Mention It…

The RoboMaster S1 is the coolest gift this holiday season, any season, for that matter. Just think about it, what other gift gives entertainment, learning, challenge, growth, possibility, and the chance for parent and child to work as a team? And I think that’s what it really comes down to.

In some ways, the coolest gift for Christmas might be a toy or game that your kid might love but think back to your childhood. That gift was one of two things: something you eventually lost interest in; something you used on your own or with your friends. In the spirit of the holiday season, why not choose something that’ll last longer than the tree in your living room, and something that will bring you and your child together?

This is what the S1 is all about: the perfect way to spend quality time for you and that chip off the ol’ block.

Order the DJI RoboMaster S1 today.