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Ronin-M Gimbals | DJI Store Sofia

Ronin-M Gimbals | DJI Store Sofia





2 072лв. tax incl.

Buy now with 0% interest rate!

Buy now with 0% interest rate!

  • Professional-grade camera gimbal for movie production;
  • New lightweight and compact design;
  • Three operation modes (Underslung, Upright, Briefcase);
  • Build-in high-performance IMU module;
  • Control via remote or smartphone;
  • Aluminium and carbon fiber build;
  • Specialized DJI gimbal motors;
  • Bluetooth and USB connection;

More details

The new DJI Ronin-M represents lightweight gyroscopic camera gimbal with reduced dimensions for greater compactness, redesigned for even easier use. Ronin-M is half the weight of the DJI Ronin, which makes it highly portable, easy to operate and transport, while retaining full functionality of its larger predecessor, without compromise. Ronin-M allows mounting of cameras with up to 3.6 kg of weight, which is enough to install any professional Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. The Auto Tune System (ATS) is even more precise, and saves you time with the initial camera setting and balancing. The DJI Ronin-M battery withstands the astonishing 6 hours lifetime, allowing you to capture any desired frame, without worrying that you will be left without power supply. Ronin-M advantages of the latest DJI technology, which is including the new remote controller with built-in battery and receiver for the specialized DJI Ronin Thumb Controller, for even easier system control.

3-axis Gyroscopic Camera Gimbal

3_axis Gyroscopic Camera Gimbal Ronin M

DJI Ronin-M is ultra lightweight, minimized version of the original Ronin with full functionality and even better performance in some aspects. The Ronin-M Gimbal delivers exceptional performance with any given digital camera.

Fast and precise IMU Module

Fast and precise IMU Module Ronin M

DJI Ronin-M inherits the powerful IMU module, which delivers extremely fast data calculation and because of that - ultra fast movement response for effortless camera movement in all three axis.

Remote Controllers Support

Remote Controller Ronin M

Ronin-M has a build-in receiver for a Ronin-M remote controller for the second operator which can control the camera movement and some additional camera controls.

Effortless Movement Via Brushless Motors

Effortless Movement Via Brushless Motors Ronin M

Smooth control - the movement on the all three axis is very smooth and in real time, which ensures ultra fast response for the stabilisation mechanisms and the final result is steady video recording withouth flicker or vibrations.

Power Supply for accessories

Power Supply for accessories Ronin M

The power supply allows you to connect cameras, monitor, follow focus controls and other accessories with P-TAP 12V or 5V USB power connectors. And all of this is supplied via the Ronin-M battery.

High Sped DSP Processor

High Sped DSP Processor Ronin M

Smooth and inconspicuous control through the highly efficient DSP processor using 32-bit floating point calculations. Data from the IMU module is processed quickly by the powerful DPS processor for smooth operation of the gimbal.

DJI Ronin-M Intelligent Battery

Ronin M Intelligent Battery

The use of the intelligent battery allows continuous operation with stand (about 6 hours). State of charge and the remaining charge can be checked directly on the battery.

New Silent Operation Mode

New Silent Operation Mode Ronin M

The new silent mode reduces the noise of all motors to a very low level which cannot be even heard. Thus the noise is not recorded by the sensitive microphones of the mounted digital camera.

DJI Assistant Mobile App

DJI Assistant Mobile App for Ronin M

The DJI Assistant mobile App allows you to controll, test and personalise your DJI Ronin-M gimbal via your mobile Android or iOS device via Bluetooth link, or via USB when using na PC version of the App.

Upright Mode

Upright Mode Ronin M

Shoot at or above eye-level by flipping and lifting the lightweight Ronin-M above your head. This mode is perfect for shooting out of a car’s sunroof or above a crowd of people.

Underslung Mode

Underslung Mode Ronin M

Film effortlessly and comfortably in the most common shooting mode, holding the Ronin-M directly in front of you at chest level.

Briefcase Mode

Briefcase Mode Ronin M

Filming in narrow spaces or moving through a doorway is effortless with Briefcase mode. Turn the gimbal vertically and hold it by your side close to your legs, just like a briefcase.

Ronin Intelligent Battery Compatibility Table
BatteryRoninRonin-MRonin-MXRonin 2
Ronin M and Ronin MX Battery 1580mAhRonin-M/MX Battery (1580mAh)
Ronin Ronin-MX Intelligent Battery 4350mAhRonin/Ronin-MX Intelligent Battery (4350mAh)
Ronin 2 TB50 Intelligent Battery 4280mAhRonin 2 TB50 Intelligent Battery (4280mAh)
DJI Ronin-M
Weight2.3 kg
Dimentions (WxDxH)500mm x 210mm x 420mm
Operation Range-15°C ~ 50°C
Supported batteryDJI Ronin-M LiPo 4S
Supported Camera Dimensions
Maximum width160mm
Maximum height measured from top of camera base plate195mm
Maximum depth at center of mass on camera base plate120mm
Operating Characteristics
Load Weight3.6 kg
Controlled Angle Accuracy0.02°
Maximum Controlled Rotation SpeedPan axis : 90°/sec
Tilt axis : 100°/sec
Roll axis : 30°/sec
Controlled Rotation RangePan axis : 360°
Tilt axis :  + 105° ; - 190°
Roll axis : ± 25°
AccessoriesRonin M
GimbalGimbalx 1
Handle BarHandle Barx 1
Remote Controller - 2.4 GHzRemote Controller - 2.4 GHzx 1
Tuning StandTuning Standx 1
ChargerChargerx 1
DJI Intelligent BatteryDJI Intelligent Batteryx 2
Cable PackCable Packx 1
Micro-USB CableMicro-USB Cablex 1
Camera Mounting PlateCamera Mounting Platex 1
Camera Screw A (1/4")Camera Screw A (1/4")x 2
Camera Screw B (3/8")Camera Screw B (3/8")x 2
Camera Screw C (1/4")Camera Screw C (1/4")x 2
Camera Screw D (3/8")Camera Screw D (3/8")x 2
Lens SupportLens Supportx 1
Lens Support ScrewLens Support Screwx 1
Allen Wrench (3mm & 3/16")Allen Wrench (3mm & 3/16")x 2

Ronin-M User Manual

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