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Ronin-MX Gimbals | DJI Store Sofia

Ronin-MX Gimbals | DJI Store Sofia

Ronin-MX Gimbals | DJI Store Sofia

3 128лв.
3 128лв.

Buy now with 0% interest rate!Compatible with DJI Matrice 600 drone; Supports RED EPIC, ARRI ALEXA mini and many more cameras; Designed for precise stabilization; Easy setup - takes just 5 minutes; Professional 3-axis stabilization;...


Type: LiPo; Voltage: 14.4 V; Capacity: 1580 mAh; Intelligent Self-Diagnostics; Status and charging LED indicators;


Type: LiPo; Voltage: 15.2 V; Energy: 17.4 Wh; Weight: 369.2 g; Capacity: 4350 mAh; Intelligent Self-Diagnostics; Status and charging LED indicators; Up to 27 minutes flying time with Phantom 4 Pro;


Specifications:Simple to setup and use, even with only a single operator.; Quickly change the settings, speed, and direction of your gimbal; View your current status through clear OLED screen; Built-in rechargeable battery up to 18 hours of...


Specifications:Connects the DJI Wireless receiver to the Ronin-S via the CAN cable to enable control of the Ronin-S through DJI Master Wheels or DJI Force Pro. This cable also connects the Ronin-MX to the Matrice 600, or the DJI SRW-60G...

530лв. 280лв.
530лв. 280лв.

Hold a Ronin-M or Ronin-MX more easily and lean it against vertical surfaces when not in use. Also useful for different carrying styles and passing the Ronin between camera operators. Expansion screw holes available for personal optimization.


Use the Ronin-MX/S RSS Control Cable for Panasonic to connect your Panasonic GH3 or GH4 and the Ronin-S Camera Control Port to control your camera. Please refer to the Ronin-S Camera Compatibility List for more information on supported camera...

DJI Ronin-MX has been designed to carry many of the cameras used every day on sets worldwide, and SmoothTrack™ algorithms ensure movements are smooth in every configuration. The Ronin-MX is compatible with Lightbridge 2, providing long-range HD video transmission from the air to the ground from up to 3.1miles (5km) away. Using DJI Assistant and the dedicated Assistant app for iOS and Android allows complete customization of the Ronin-MX and itsbehavior. A repositioned battery improves balance while stability is enhanced by a camera cage that locks mounted cameras in place at the top and at the bottom. Silent motors prevent on set mics picking up motor noise.