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Matrice 600 Drones | DJI Store Sofia

Matrice 600 Drones | DJI Store Sofia

DJI Matrice 600 Pro drone

Matrice 600 Pro Drone

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11 398лв. tax incl.

  • Created for professional film makers;
  • Compatible with different types of gimbals including DJI Ronin-MX;
  • Build-in Lightbridge 2 and A3 controller;
  • Extended flight time and wider transmission range;
  • Precise control via the DJI GO and DJI Assistant 2;
  • Upgrade through A3 PRO and D-RTK GNSS;
  • DJI Software Development Kit compatibility;

More details

The drone DJI Matrice 600 Pro inherits Matrice 600 features, but the newest Matrice model provides better performance and loading capacity. Modular M600 Pro design will allow you to install additional modules so easy and convenient.

The latest DJI’s technologies are integrated in the drone, for instance A3 Pro flight controller, Lightbridge 2 HD transmission system, intelligent flight batteries and the last but not least – battery management system. All the DJI Zenmuse cameras and gimbals are suitable with Matrice 600 Pro. The third party software and hardware integration makes the drone really great aerial imaging solution.

Total Integration

Matrice 600 Pro suitable with all Zenmuse cameras

The modular design makes the M600 Pro easy to set up in just 5 minutes. Its dust proof propulsion systems simplifies the maintenance, while the actively cooled motors add for reliable operation during extended periods of time. All Zenmuse gimbals are compatible and the maximum payload of 6 kg allows it to fly with the Ronin-MX and a range of professional cameras.

A3 Pro (optional)

Matrice 600 Pro with A3 controller

With triple modular redundancy and diagnostic algorithms that compare sensor data from the three sets of units in real-time, the A3 Pro flight controller ensures that the M600 Pro flies exactly as expected. Every little flight error is processed so it can not affect the flight which ensures safe operation, flicker free videos and undesputed reliability.

D-RTK GNSS (optional)

Matrice 600 Pro with optional d_rtk gnss system

The A3 GNSS system can be upgraded with centimeter-level accuracy. Using dual antennas, its heading reference is more accurate than a compass sensor, and it is able to withstand magnetic interference from metal structures.

Extended Flight Time and Transmition Range

Matrice 600 Pro with 35 minutes flight time

The M600 Pro features an extended flight time and a 3.5 km long-range, ultra-low latency HD image transmission for accurate image composition and capture. By using 6 small DJI Intelligent Batteries, allowing it to easily be shipped to wherever it is needed.

Professional HD Transmission

Matrice 600 Pro with Lightbridge technology

DJI Lightbridge 2 has been designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of professional broadcasting, offering high frame rates and HD live streaming. USB, mini-HDMI and 3G-SDI ports support video output at up to 1080p/60fps or a broadcast standard output of 720p/59.94fps and 1080i/50fps.

Open to Development

Matrice 600 Pro compatible with SDK

The M600 Pro is fully compatible with the DJI Onboard SDK and Mobile SDK to meet the requirements of those building software for industrial applications. It has a dual parallel CAN and API ports for connecting DJI devices including the Guidance sensor system, the RTK GNSS units or third party components of your choice.

DJI Matrice 600 Pro
ModelMatrice 600 Pro
Diagonal Wheelbase1133 mm
Aircraft Dimensions
  • 1668 mm x 1518 mm x 727 mm (Propellers, frame arms and GPS mount unfolded - including landing gear)
  • 437 mm x 402 mm x 553 mm (Frame arms and GPS mount folded - excluding landing gear)
Package Dimensions525 х 480 х 640 mm
Intelligent Flight Battery Quantity6
Weight (with six TB47S batteries)9.5 kg
Weight (with six TB48S batteries)10 kg
Max Takeoff Weight15.5 kg
Propulsion System
Motor ModelDJI 6010
Propeller ModelDJI 2170R
Supported DJI GimbalsRonin-MX; Zenmuse Z30, Zenmuse X5/X5R, Zenmuse X3, Zenmuse XT; Zenmuse Z15 Series HD Gimbal: Z15-A7, Z15-BMPCC, Z15-5D III, Z15-GH4
Retractable Landing GearStandard
Operating Temperature-10° - 40°C
Voltage Output26.1 V
Rated Power600 W
Battery (optional)
Capacity5700 mAh
Voltage22.8 V
TypeLiPo 6S
Energy129.96 Wh
Net Weight680 g
Operating Temperature-10° - 40°C
Max Charging Power180 W
Hovering Accuracy (P-GPS)Vertical: ±0.5 m, Horizontal: ±1.5 m
Max Angular VelocityPitch: 300°/s, Yaw: 150°/s
Max Pitch Angle25°
Max Ascent Speed5 m/s
Max Descent Speed3 m/s
Max Wind Resistance8 m/s
Max Flight Altitude above Sea Level
  • 2170R propellers: 2500 m;
  • 2195 propellers: 4500 m.
Max Speed65 km/h (No wind)
Hovering Time (with six TB47S batteries)No payload: 32 min, 6 kg payload: 16 min
Hovering Time (with six TB48S batteries)No payload: 38 min, 5.5 kg payload: 18 min
Flight Control System
Remote controller
Operating Frequency
  • 5.725 GHz to 5.825 GHz
  • 2.400 GHz to 2.483 GHz
Max Transmission Distance (unobstructed, free of interference)3.5 km
  • 10 dBm @ 900 M
  • 13 dBm @ 5.8 G
  • 20 dBm @ 2.4 G
Video Output PortHDMI, SDI, USB
Operating Temperature-10° - 40°C
Battery6000 mAh, 2S LiPo
Battery (Standard)
Capacity4500 mAh
Voltage22.2 V
TypeLiPo 6S
Energy99.9 Wh
Net Weight595 g
Operating Temperature-10° - 40°C
Max Charging Power180 W
AccessoriesMatrice 600 Pro
Дрон Matrice 600Matrice 600 Prox 1
Landing Gear подпораLanding Gear Legx 2
Landing Gear шейнаLanding Skidx 2
ПружиниSpringx 2
Дистанционно управлениеRemote Controllerx 1
Интелигентна батерия TB47SIntelligent Flight Battery TB47Sx 6
Зареждащ хъб за шест батерииHex Chargerx 1
Кутия за пренасянеInner Foam Casex 1
Захранващ кабелPower Cablex 1
Зарядно за дистанционно управлениеRC Charging Cablex 2
Micro USB кабелMicro USB Cablex 1
КлючетаKnobx 6
Стикери за батериитеBattery stickers 

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