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Enterprice Drones | DJI Store Sofia

Enterprice Drones | DJI Store Sofia

Enterprice Drones | DJI Store Sofia


Mavic 2 Enterprise

Expand your capabilities in near-distance operations with Mavic 2 Enterprise drones - your trusty allies who are ready to work anywhere, anytime. Choose the most appropriate accessories for your mission, whether...

Phantom 4 RTK

The famous Phantom drone series can now serve the needs of the industry, thanks to the new Phantom 4 RTK line designed for mapping, geographic data processing, and 3D modeling from the air. With the Phantom 4 RTK...

Matrice 100

Your Matrice 100 platform has all of DJI’s easy-to-fly technology built in, and includes the flight controller, propulsion system, GPS, DJI Lightbridge, a dedicated remote controller, and a rechargeable battery....

Matrice 200

DJI Matrice 200's High-performance motors paired with 17-inch propellers ensure stable flight in strong winds. The new dual-battery power system automatically heats batteries when flying in sub-zero temperatures,...

Matrice 210

DJI Matrice 210 builds on the M200, adding the option to mount two downward cameras (or other accessories). Maintaining all the technical functionality and cutting-edge design of the M200, Matrice 210 allows for a...

Matrice 600

DJI Matrice 600 Pro inherits everything from the Matrice 600 with improved flight performance and better loading capacity. Pre-installed arms and antennas reduce time required for setup, and the system’s modular...

Wind 2

Wind 2 drones are integrated industrial platforms with IP56 protection level that can be used in harsh environments. The platform allows compatibility with both DJI modules and accessories and with other from 3rd...


Choose the right DJI software for your mission. Professional software solutions allow you to manage your drones and their tasks with an ease. Take control of your drones and force them to work together to perform...


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Matrice industrial drones are used by professionals in various environments. These drones are designed for pilots with experience from professionals to enthusiast which are interested in programming and developing specialized software, different industries, including Energy, Media, Construction, Infrastructure, Film production, and Public Safety. Thanks to the Matrice industrial drones, businesses can advance their operation with aerial data.